iWALK Crutch Testimonials & Reviews

General Testimonials

Crutches hurt! Now there’s a better solution – the iWALK hands-free crutch!

Read what iWALK users had to say after they replaced their crutches or knee scooters with the iWALK crutch.

““I’m a clutz and I can use it!”

“I had a subtalar fusion and posterior tibial tendon repair after a car accident. I am a single mom of 2 children and also have a dog that requires attention. I’ve been in crutches before I had kids and they are a pain. A pain in the elbows, palms, wrists, and good leg. I am so lucky to have found the iwalk free 3.0. It has made my life easier while I’m recovering. I am a clutz and I can do it! The huge bruise on my arm is from falling while using regular crutches! I recommend 100%!”

Rachel Sledge

“iWALK2.0 made my Olympic dream possible!”

“I immediately ordered the iWALK2.0, and it enabled me to go to the gym as well as perform any non load bearing cardio activities. Walking on the iWALK2.0 was easy! Thank you for creating this product. It went from all hope being lost of competing in the Rio Summer Olympics, to actually competing and making that dream possible.”

Ronald Forbes, 3 time Olympian

“It was a game changer for sure!”

“As a busy athlete and professional, I was pretty bummed to break my foot in a speedy marathon. Unlike former injuries where I struggled slowly on crutches for weeks on end, the iWALK allowed me to keep up my intense work schedule with so much more confidence and control. I can’t even imagine how hard life would have been without it. Such a crazy busy time.
It was a game changer for sure, and I couldn’t be more grateful. ”

Kyrsten Sinema
United States Senator – Arizona.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t have an iWALK, you could miss it”

“Shortly after rupturing my Achilles tendon in December, as I began to educate myself online I discovered the amazing iWALK and fell in love. It was truly a game-changer for me. To help pass the ensuing days and weeks, I made a little movie as a tribute to my time with the iWalk. I hope you enjoy it.”

Greg Popp
Austin in uniform with doctor while wearing the iWALK hands-free crutch iWALKFree

“My life sucked! It all changed when I found the iWALK2.0!”

“I assembled the iWALK2.0 in about 10 minutes. 15 minutes later it was like I had been walking on it for a year. I can walk up and down the stairs. I was even able to go to the gym.”

Austin, Active Marine.

“My Daughter Loves Her iWALK3.0!”

“My daughter Lindsay loves her iWALK3.0 and has used it since her Achilles tendon tear and surgery. Thank you for making an excellent product!”

Pete Kovalcik

“No other device provides the combination of stability and mobility that is needed in the operating room setting.”

“Crutches resulted in decreased mobility, no use of my hands and a sore chest. A knee scooter couldn’t give me the stability to operate effectively. iWALK2.0 was the perfect device for me! I found that the iWALK2.0 was rock solid, and I was rock stable on it!”

Dr. Tom Florack, Orthopedic Surgeon Read more
Woman wearing iWALK Hands-Free Crutch on dancing pole

Five Star Review: “This has been mind blowing”

“This has given me my life back, I cannot thank you all enough for making this!! After 5 months on crutches, this has been mind blowing. It works, anyone can do it!”


Five Star Review: “Life Saver”

“So two weeks before a trip to Europe I break my calcaneus. The doctor gives me the horrible order to bear absolutely no weight on the heel and I couldn’t get a refund on the trip! This i-walk gave me my life back as i still traveled and best of all danced my heart out in Mykonos. I was able to hike to the acropolis with its 100+ steps and see volcanoes and many other sites. The only issues I really had was narrow steps that I embarrassingly had to turn around and tackle backwards. Over all I could NOT have done this with normal crutches and if you’re asking yourself the same question, abandon them, you NEED this!”


“The iWALK2.0 may have just saved my life”

“I accidentally “stumbled” (pun intended) upon the iWalk2.0 when I was searching for a knee scooter…and I’m SO happy that I found it! Dance is not only important for my physical health – but it is also a major part of maintaining my mental health. I have been struggling with the symptoms of my illness (borderline personality disorder) more than usual over the past few months…and if I had to stop dancing completely while my foot healed, I honestly don’t know if I would have survived. I can sincerely say that the iWalk2.0 may just have saved my life. ”

Jenn. Columbia, Missouri

“You gave me my life back!”

“I almost get teary eyed when I think about the iWALK2.0. If I was on a scooter, I would have lost my house because I couldn’t work. I use it on mud, snow, hard floors, carpets, everything, even on the boat! It’s a hell of a product!”


“I Had an AMAZING Experience Using the iWALK2.0”

“I was non-weight bearing for eight weeks due to surgery on my right foot. I was so incredibly pleased with the usefulness of the iWALK that I had to make a video review about it. My surgeon even told me she wanted to buy a few for her office and suggest to some of her patients use it. ”

Camille, Naples, Florida

“I was immediately excited about iWALK2.0! I knew I didn’t want crutches again.”

“I was non-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks. I dreaded using crutches for so many reasons. I didn’t want to regularly carry a scooter up 2 flights of stairs in my house. I have two young kids, so having my hands free to hug them and play with them was absolutely vital to me! With the iWALK2.0, I am mobile and am back to work.”

Justin, police officer
Man chopping wood while wearing the iWALK Hands-Free Crutch

“I just bought an iWALK2.0 and I am thrilled! With normal crutches I had no hope.”

“I have been on crutches for over 5 years. When I used normal crutches I had pain in my legs, both wrists, and back. However, when I use the iWALK2.0 I have no pain or discomfort. iWALK2.0 made my normal life possible – thank you!

Simon Read more

“I gotta make sure people know about the iWALK2.0!”

“Everyone knows that crutches suck! I was really concerned when I broke my foot. But my problems were solved when I found the iWALK2.0. I could go up and down stairs, carry sh*t, workout…yah, that too! I tell anyone with crutches to get the iWALK2.0! If everyone knew about it, crutches would be a thing of the past. I’m not even getting paid for this sh*t!”

Rob Van Dam, WWE, ECW, and TNA Heavyweight World Champion Wrestler
Dr Ryan Logan wearing an iWALK crutch at a hospital while speaking to another doctor - iWALKFree

“This is a product that I will definitely be recommending to my patients!”

“I am an Internal Medicine Hospitalist physician and found myself very limited in my ability to see my patients after I suffered a calcaneus fracture. iWALK2.0 has literally been a lifesaver! This is a tool that has been invaluable to me both professionally and in my personal life.”

Dr. Ryan Logan Read more
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Five Star Review: “This is hands down one of the most genius, helpful, and awesome items I’ve ever purchased!”

“For someone who has been ordered to keep weight off their foot, iWALK2.0 is a lifesaver! After three days of regular crutches, my arm pits were red and raw. I couldn’t do anything! I could barely get up the stairs. My life doesn’t just stop when I get sick or hurt. I can’t just lay on the couch. The iWALK2.0 seriously game me my life back. I could do everything I needed to do without any pain or discomfort. Whoever created it was genius!”

Woman washing her car while using the iWALK hands-free crutch, iWALKFree

“Without the iWALK2.0 my summer would have been awful!”

“Crutches hurt! The knee scooter gave me limited mobility. After getting the iWALK2.0 I can do just about everything I normally do!

Man on iWALK Hands-Free Crutch at work

“iWALK2.0 Has Been a Huge Mental Boost in a Tough Time”

Levi Leipheimer’s professional cycling career included multiple Grand Tour wins, Tour de France overall podiums and an Olympic medal. ” I’m really happy I discovered the iWALK after breaking my leg and ankle. The iWalk allowed me to care for myself more than crutches or a scooter would. I can carry things and pick up after myself instead of relying on others to do everything for me and that has been a huge mental boost in a tough time. The iWalk is easy to set up and use and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Levi Leipheimer

“This is a better mousetrap!”

iWALK2.0 has freed my hands, it has given me mobility. This is a better mousetrap! I also have a scooter at home, but you know what? You can’t climb stairs in a scooter! This is great – thank you very much.

Jason Vogel

“I have 14 steps in my home, which I can do carrying my baby!”

I broke my tib/fib. I am a physical therapist by training. I broke my tib / fib. I used the iWALK2.0 and I love it. I have been able to climb ramps, steps, negotiate snow, go over unstable ground, and even use a snow blower.! I have 14 steps in my home, which I can do carrying a baby. I am amazed how much I have pushed and tested this.

Eric – Physical Therapist
Couple wearing iWALK Hands-Free Crutches

“After a few days on crutches, she took away my iWALK2.0 and told me to get my own!”

“I tried out the iWALK before my foot surgery and was able to walk pretty well right away. Just before my operation my wife broke her foot. She rented a knee scooter and crutches. She quickly learned that crutches are an aggravation, and the knee scooter was too bulky. iWALK2.0 worked out great for both of us!”

Roger and Judy

“The iWALK2.0 truly saved me from a deep depression.”

“Surgery and no weight bearing for 6-8 weeks – well I was despondent! On our ranch, I knew that crutches wouldn’t provide real freedom, and a knee scooter wouldn’t work on our terrain or allow me to use my hands. The iWALK 2.0 is an amazing tool, and I highly recommend it!”

Leslie Read more

“It gave me my life back and it can give you your life back too! The iWALK2.0 is a requirement.”

“The iWALK2.0 has been the perfect investment for me on my road to recovery. After 3 days on crutches the pain in my arms and wrists was extremely uncomfortable. With the iWALK2.0 I can pick up by children – try doing that on crutches! I can get up and down three flights of stairs. It gave me my life back and it can give you your life back too”


“It’s the best $150.00 I’ve ever spent!”

“I can’t say enough good things about the iWALK2.0! After it arrived, it took only minutes before I was walking around the house and yard using the iWALK2.0. With the iWALK2.0 I could work in the operating room one week post-op from surgery on my broken ankle. The iWALK2.0 has given me the ability to continue my every day routine!”

Bryan Read more
Erich Courtad wearing an iWALK crutch on a soccer field - iWALKFree

“I will never be able to describe in words how much the iWALK2.0 has done for me and my family.”

“I ruptured my Achilles and all of my activities halted, but the iWALK2.0 changed everything. I was so happy to be able to walk and help with my family — cook, clean up, get my kids ready for bed, coach soccer, and work out 3 times a week. The iWALK2.0 won’t change your life, it lets you keep the one you always had!”

Erich Courtad, Piqua Family Practice Manager Read more
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Five Star Review: “Witness the death of crutches”

“Look ma no hands! Freedom to use arms: Priceless!”

Professional headshot of Dr. Jim Sears - iWALKFree

“At first I was skeptical”

“Would it be difficult to learn? Was it safe? Would it hurt your knee or shin? iWALK2.0 was easy and intuitive. After only a few steps I felt totally stable. Crutches are hated by everyone, and with good reason. The iWALK2.0 crutch eliminates pain and brings back the use of your arms and hands. Anybody that tries the iWALK2.0 will prefer it.”

Dr. Jim Sears Read more

“It’s beyond easy”

“I absolutely loveeeee my iWALK2.0! I didn’t think it was going to be that easy to use. It is beyond easy! There is no need to get used to it. It felt so natural! I walked up the stairs with it and the physical therapist laughed and said, ‘That thing is awesome!’ iWALK2.0 is so comfortable! This is a major life saver”

Breanna Read more

“You can’t hold a pulling dog on a leash with crutches”

“Thank you iWALK-Free for giving me back my life! Byron, my 4-year-old Brittany, is a bundle of energy and is used to going for his daily walk. That all ended with crutches. With the iWALK2.0 I took my dog for a 35 min walk and then a 25 min walk, did a bunch of errands and house work. I can cook and even deliver my plate to the table! ”

Julie, Huntington Beach 
Headshot photo of Dr. Elmo Agatep - iWALKFree

“iWALK2.0 is very effective, and is a big step forward in how you can help our patients”

“My patient started on conventional crutches. A week later she entered my office with ease on the iWALK2.0. I was impressed with her mobility and stability. To prove that it worked, I used the iWALK2.0 for two days. It was amazing. It quickly disappeared underneath me. Your patients will be grateful to you for prescribing it!”

Dr. Elmo Agatep Read more

“I’m 62…it took me about 5 minutes to get comfortable. I wish I had found it sooner!”

“The iWALK2.0 is a wonderful thing! If you have a lower leg or foot injury & normal balance you can get used to this crutch very easily. I had fallen three times with crutches. With the iWALK2.0 your hands are free and you are able to do routine things without the help of your caregiver. If you have a lower leg injury, you need this crutch!”

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Five Star Review: “I wouldn’t trade this product for the world!”

“I broke my ankle over the holidays. My orthopedic surgeon recommended the iWALK2.0, as he had been on one  a few weeks before. I bought it even before I had surgery! I would have been driven insance had a I not been able to get up, move around, and do things. The iWALK2.0 is awesome!”

D. Mason

“iWALK2.0 can help so many continue to work while injured!”

“As a self-employed mason I knew I had to do something to get back to work when I injured my left leg and ankle. My doctor warned me about returning to work to soon…I found the iWALK2.0 and gave it a try. iWALK2.0 can help so many!”

Tracy Read more

“I had high expectations, and I can honestly say that the iWALK2.0 delivered on all of them”

“I was on crutches for four days after my Achilles surgery. Crutches are brutal. You have no hands…well, you just can’t do anything. I hate being inactive, so I ordered an iWALK2.0 immediately. On my first day on the iWALK2.0 I went back to the gym and resumed my Muay Thai training. iWALK2.0 was like having a new leg! ”

Vic Read more

“The iWALK2.0 was my best friend for four weeks”

“After an Achilles tendon rupture, I had to be on crutches for two weeks. Pure hell and it’s ruined my life. I wanted to be hands-free, and crutches hurt, so I decided to check out the iWALK2.0. It was just a month on the iWALK2.0, but it was the best month under the circumstances that I could have imagined.”


“I am a practicing interventional cardiologist who got back to work with the help of iWALK2.0”

“I am a Harvard MD who got back to work with the help of iWALK2.0. I need my hands free in the operating room, and with the iWALK2.0 I was able to return to work after just a few days! I would definitely recommend the iWALK2.0 to people who are on crutches with a lower leg injury. ”

Dr. Duane Pinto
Dr. Borys G wearing an iWALK while working - iWALKFree

“iWALK2.0 helped me get back to work in the OR and take care of my patients”

“The iWALK2.0 is a phenomenal product. I will definitely recommend the iWALK2.0 to my patients, especially those in needing to use their hands. There really isn’t a crutch alternative other than the iWALK2.0 that can provide you with hands-free mobility.”

Dr. Borys G, New York Presbyterian Hospital
Image of iWALK Hands-Free Crutch at restaurant table

“Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart….and the Top of My Foot!”

“I broke my foot and was told I could not put weight on it for 6-8 weeks. I was devastated and cried for hours. Then I found your website. I was relieved, but didn’t believe it was as easy as the videos I watched. Well, it was! I’m the last person to contact a business or write a review, but I felt I needed to reach out and let you know that you know that when I was at my lowest, the iWALK2.0 changed my life and mental well-being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the top of my foot)”

Jaime Blanke – Morristown, New Jersey

ork Presbyterian Hospital

“I love it. I used it every night! I am glad I got this early in my rehabilitation so I can stop hopping so much!”

Christina, Amputee OT

“With the iWALK2.0, Nolan found both happiness and healing.”

“We are ecstatic about the product. The limitations that were put on Nolan’s life with crutches were visible…more frustrated doing simple tasks and even declined social events. With the iWALK2.0, Nolan could hike and camp with friends and do all of the other things he loves!”

Maggie, Nolan’s (age 17) mom Read more

“iWALK2.0 has allowed me to be independent where I wouldn’t be without crutches or a knee scooter.”

“I tried to make it around on crutches and actually preferred to hop everywhere I went. I confined myself to my room because it was too much work to go anywhere or do anything. I was able to get myself back together because of iWALK2.0!”


“There was an instant smile on my face when I put on the iWALK2.0!”

“I had an upcoming vacation and knew the environment would NOT be conducive for a knee scooter, so I purchased the iWALK2.0. Within 15 minutes I felt pretty comfortable using the iWALK2.0. It has allowed me to walk hands-free on terrain like grass, gravel, hills, STAIRS, etc.! ”

Matt Building with the iWALK Hands-Free Crutch

“If it weren’t for iWALK2.0, he would not be able to earn a living right now.”

“When Matt first went back to work, he crawled around on his hands and knees at the construction site in order to bring some kind of paycheck home. He literally crawled on the ground until he found the iWALK2.0. Now he takes his iWALK2.0 everywhere he goes, even when he’s pouring concrete at the construction site!”

Donna, Matt’s mom Read more

“iWALK2.0 helped me salvage my summer!”

“I have fancy crutches and a knee scooter at home collecting dust – a great testament to this product. I love the iWALK2.0”

 Kirk, rock climber

“What a clever device!”

“I couldn’t do either of my two jobs on standard crutches. The iWALK2.0 allowed me to be functional in my daily life, and my atrophy was minimal since I was able to constantly be on my “feet” using the iWALK2.0!”


“I would have gone crazy without the iWALK2.0”

“I snapped my Achilles and had to spend two months non-weight bearing. I tried underarm crutches, forearm crutches, and the knee scooter. iWALK2.0 is hands down the awesomest solution. When I see people on standard crutches, I chase them down and sing the gospel of iWALK2.0”

Jordan Schwartz

“Thank you for a great product!”

“With the iWALK2.0 I was able to get on my tractor and clear my driveway during the recent snow storms. Today I spent hours working in my greenhouse, staking tomatoes and planting onions. Thank you for such a great product!”

Jeff wearing an iWALK while performing physical therapy on a patient - iWALKFree

“The iWALK2.0 is AMAZING!”

“With the help of the iWALK2.0, I have been able to do cardio exercise despite having a fractured foot. Thank you for the iWALK2.0! I’ve been able to enjoy my life, even with a foot fracture!”

Jeff, Physical Therapist

“I can get so many more things done with the iWALK2.0 that I couldn’t have done on crutches!”

“I am a double amputee and recently had minor surgery. I couldn’t wear my prosthesis until my leg healed. I was not looking forward to being on crutches and was so happy to ‘park them’ when the iWALK2.0 arrived. I was able to do everything with free hands! What a great device!”


“With the help of the iWALK2.0, I won’t miss out on one of the most important events of my life!”

“I was getting married, and a three month recovery time from a fractured foot was not an option! iWALK2.0 allowed me to walk down the aisle and have our first dance without the use of crutches. I couldn’t stop crying. The iWALK2.0 saved my wedding!”


“You’ll want to throw away your crutches forever!”

“I’ve ruptured my Achilles twice, and I honestly believe there are no other products out there as well-designed and that deliver like the iWALK2.0. I was able to resume my normal activities – cutting the lawn, throwing the firsbee for our dog, cleaning the pool, and maneuvering stairs. Well done iWALK!”


“With the iWALK2.0 I was able to return to work in only 2 weeks!”

“I had foot surgery and was supposed to stay off of it for 3 months! Thankfully my doctor suggested the iWALK2.0. I love my job as an elementary PE teacher and didn’t want to miss a single minute more than I had to! Thank you for a great product! ”

Mathew, PE Teacher
Michelle hiking heel stress fracture crutches iWALK Hands-Free Crutch


“I have Rheumatoid Arthristis and have had several foot surgeries and multiple broken bones. I am active and have used every mobility device around. I live alone and need to have unencumbered hands, which I can’t do with traditional crutches. I love the iWALK2.0! I can even hike on uneven ground!”


“iWALK2.0 allowed me to maintain my independence…and sanity!”

“After foot and ankle surgery I was told to be off my foot for 8 weeks. I ordered the iWALK2.0 and have been dependent on it. I can maintain a normal life around the house, play with my grandkids, get out to plays, movies, restaurants…even grocery shopping!”


“Thanks to the ingenious design of the iWALK2.0 I have my life back!”

“Is suffer from CRPS. Before getting my iWALK2.0, I would think about my day-to-day life in the future. I saw nothing but challenges, misery, and struggle. That is no longer the case. Every day when I wake up, I look forward to the exciting adventures that I get to enjoy, thanks to my iWALK2.0!”


“I love my Iwalk2.0!! Now I can do anything!”

“I’m only 19 and have spent 9 of the last 10 years of my life on crutches. I have had several ankle surgeries including several replacements. I have been so limited from being on crutches, but now that I have the iWALK2.0 I can do anything!”


“Walking on the iWALK2.0 was easier than walking on my own leg!”

“Born with congenital ankle and foot deformity, I’ve had numerous surgeries and finally a below knee amputation. The iWALK2.0 let me to return to daily activities like using the wheelbarrow to feed my horse. I was also able to do brand new activities that I could never do before. I am a fan! ”

Sarah Read more
Image of user on iWALK Hands-Free Crutch

“Thanks to iWALK, I was able to be up close and personal with cars and drivers I’ve loved my whole life”

“The reason I bought my iWALK2.0 was not only my broken foot (obvious) but because I had bought tickets to attend a Nascar race, including pit passes – something I’ve never experienced. Because of iWALK I was able to still walk through the pits and be up close and personal with cars and drivers I’ve loved my whole life. So I just wanted to say thank you very much. ”

Kevin, Talladega, Alabama

“iWALK2.0 gave me my life back!”

“I recently had a foot injury and this brilliant contraption saved me. I am very active and to be on crutches for 2 to 3 months was like a death sentence. I am very passionate about the iWALK2.0!”


“I love it!… “

Tibor Erőss
Screenshot 2023 09 26 at 12 30 38 PM

“The iWALK changed our lives forever!”

“In his early 50’s, my robust, outdoorsy, farmer husband received news from his doctors that he would never be able to have FULL use of his right foot. However, we found the iWALK and that discovery has changed our lives forever! I now have my husband back! He is happy and can do ANYTHING I can do (with two feet). He works cattle, climbs steep hills, hunts, fishes, and is back to himself. I can’t thank iWALK enough for bringing my husband back to living a REAL life.”

Missy, Cameron, MO
Screenshot 2023 09 26 at 12 36 21 PM

“Thank you so much for the GENIUS contraption!”

“Being on crutches 24/7, unable to walk at all with three wild kiddos has been one of the hardest things, both physically and mentally. But this iWALK3.0 isn’t even a day old, and it has put a huge smile back on my face, a baby on my hip (haven’t carried her for five weeks) and happy babies whose mama can now play a little with them!”


We hope you enjoyed reading our iWALK testimonials.  For more information about whether the iWALK crutch is the right mobility device for you click here.