“The iWALK2.0 truly saved me from a deep depression!”

In July, I broke my fibula while hiking with my dogs. When the doctor said “surgery and no weight bearing for 6-8 weeks”—-well, I was despondent. My husband works full-time and couldn’t really stay home to take care of me, bring me food, do laundry, etc. We live on a remote ranch and our dogs and horses are used to lots of interaction and exercise, mostly from me.  The thought of weeks on the couch was extremely depressing. I was also scared about overwhelming my already hard-working husband; he was facing having to take over all of my daily duties, which are numerous. I knew crutches wouldn’t provide real freedom, and a knee scooter wouldn’t work on our terrain or allow me to use my hands. We were so excited to find the iWALK2.0!  I was a little nervous at first but immediately realized that I didn’t need to be. It was easy to learn, allowed me to do my regular activities and chores, and gave me a feeling of self-sufficiency. That is a big deal when you are injured. Little things like carrying a plate or a dog bowl, or helping make dinner become hugely important. The iWALK2.0 truly saved me from a deep depression. If I hadn’t had the ability to move around and use my hands, I would have really suffered. The immobility would’ve been worse than breaking my leg. The iWALK2.0 is an amazing tool and I highly recommend it.

Leslie, New Mexico    

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