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Doctors not only recommend the iWALK crutch, they use it too! Then they tell us about it. See what they have to say:

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Andrew R. Hsu, MD Chief, Division of Foot & Ankle Surgery Associate Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery University of California Irvine Medical Center - iWALK hands-free crutch - iWALKFree

“I recommend iWALK for all my foot and ankle patients. It’s a game changing device.”

“I recommend the iWalk for all of my foot and ankle patients who need to be non-weight bearing due to an injury or surgery. It’s a game changing device that allows patients to stay active, be independent, work, and use their hands while keeping weight off of their foot and ankle in a safe, comfortable, and easy to use fashion. I would use it immediately on myself if I had an injury that required me to keep weight off of my lower leg.”

Andrew R. Hsu, MD
Chief, Division of Foot & Ankle Surgery
Associate Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of California Irvine Medical Center Read more
Dr. Thomas Florack standing on an iWALK at work - iWALKFree

“No other device provides the combination of stability and mobility that is needed in the operating room setting.”

“I needed surgery to repair a lacerated tendon in my big toe. It required that I be non-weight bearing for 3 to 4 weeks. Standard crutches or a knee walker wouldn’t give me the mobility I needed to continue performing surgeries. Crutches resulted in decreased mobility, no use of my hands, and a sore chest. A knee scooter didn’t give me the stability to operate effectively. Fortunately, I had been introduced to iWALK Crutch a few months earlier. I knew this would be the perfect device for me!

“And what a terrific device! I was back in the operating room performing knee and foot surgeries one week post-operation. Because of the iWALK Crutch I didn’t have to alter my surgery schedule. I couldn’t have conducted these important surgeries with any other device on the market. Crutches simply limit mobility; a knee walker doesn’t allow for the combination of stability and mobility needed in an operating room. The iWALK Crutch is wonderful! I love this device!”

Dr. Thomas Florack, MD, FAAOS, Orthopedic Care and Sports Medicine  Read more
Dr. William Whiteside standing on the iWALK crutch during surgery - iWALKFree

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I knew crutches wouldn’t cut it so I ordered the iWALK.”

“I had microfracture of my talus for osteochondral defects and was non-weightbearing. As an orthopedic surgeon, I knew crutches wouldn’t cut it so I ordered the iWALK. The iWALK was a great tool to get me back to operating and the clinic. I was also able to spend time with my family, exercise and participate in day to day “life” activities. We even kept our scheduled trip to Orlando. Thank you iWALK”.

Dr. William Whiteside, MD
Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon
Tidelands Health Orthopedics Read more


Carolyn Storck using the iWALK crutch during work at the hopsital - iWALKFree

“I was able to comfortably work 12 hour shifts during the COVID pandemic”

I recently had surgery on my Achilles’ tendon. During the pre-op visit, my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sara Galli suggested the iWALK Crutch for my post-operative recovery to increase my mobility and facilitate my return to work. Getting the iWALK was the best decision. The fact that it was hands free and stable allowed me to return to my position as an emergency nurse practitioner during the COVID pandemic. My presence was critically necessary at that time and the iWALK allowed me to be there for my patients and colleagues.

This product is a great asset to non-weight bearing conditions. It allows for ambulation on multiple terrains, is hands free and is extremely stable. I was able to comfortably work 12 hour shifts utilizing your product. I am convinced I would not have been able to maintain that level of activity with any other mobility product.

Carolyn Storck, NP-C
Dr. Ankit Bansal wearing the iWALK crutch during surgery - iWALKFree

“I have crutches and a scooter. iWALK blows them out of the water!”

The IWALK is an incredible device! I have crutches and a scooter. The IWALK blows them out of the water. Hands down it’s the most functional gait device for lower extremity injuries.

Went back to operating 1 week after Achilles repair. Back to playing with my 2 year old with fair regularity. Most amazing part of this is actually the engineering and fitting. Cheers to the team at IWALK for creating a solution to a functionally difficult problem.

Ankit Bansal, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mercy Health Cincinnati
Dr David Moribito wearing the iWALK crutch while examining a patient - iWALKFree

“The iWALK Got Me Treating My Patients”

As a practicing dentist, the iWALK was the best alternative to crutches and got me back on my feet treating my patients. I was able to more independent and perform all my daily tasks. Thank you to everyone at iWALK for making the best crutch alternative.

Dr. David Moribito DDS
Dr Ryan Logan wearing an iWALK crutch at a hospital while speaking to another doctor - iWALKFree

“This is a product that I will definitely be recommending to my patients!”

“I am an Internal Medicine Hospitalist physician and found myself very limited in my ability to see my patients after I suffered a calcaneus fracture. iWALK Crutch has literally been a lifesaver! This is a tool that has been invaluable to me both professionally and in my personal life.”

Dr. Ryan Logan, MD Read more

“If the patient is happy, then I’m happy……and the patient is happy!”

“my patient actually introduced me to the iWALK and, by the way, I’m doing this video just because my patient loves this device.  He came walking into the office, I’d never seen it before, and the look on the guy’s face, just watching him walking by all the other patients in wheelchairs, crutches, everything, with this iWALK on, was amazing.  And if the patient happy then I’m happy, and let me just tell you – the patient is happy. I just have to say, this is the best device ever.

Dr John Lyon MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
Professional headshot of Dr. Jim Sears - iWALKFree

“Crutches are hated by everyone — with good reason. The iWALK Crutch is a massive improvement over conventional crutches!”

“When I first learned about the iWALK crutch I was skeptical. I try to be open minded, but my profession dictates that I exercise caution. When I tried the device for the first time, my eyes were opened immediately. None of my initial concerns were valid – iWALK Crutch is comfortable, stable and very easy to learn. I couldn’t believe how stable I felt after about 5 steps, and I remember thinking, ‘Man, this is great!’

“Crutches are hated by everyone! They hurt, they’re inconvenient and they deprive the user of a normal lifestyle because their hands and arms are unavailable for routine tasks of everyday living. The iWALK crutch eliminates the pain and brings back the use of your hands and arms, so the user can get back to their normal routine.
“The iWALK crutch is simple, inexpensive, and a massive improvement over conventional crutches. For any of my patients that suffer a lower leg injury, I recommend the iWALK instead of crutches or scooters.”

Dr. Jim Sears MD  Read more

“I’m Back in the Operating Room- Hands Free!”

“I’m five weeks post-op with a tibial plateau fracture. Today I’m doing a rotator cuff repair, total joint replacement and a clavicle fracture. I’m back in the operating room, hands free!”

Dr. Paul Rush, MD Orthopedic Surgeon – North Carolina Orthopedic
Dr. William Jernigan using an iWALK crutch while working at a clinic - iWALKFree

“This product exudes excellence. I want other surgeons to know about it!”

“I’m a 58-year-old orthopedic surgeon. I recently sustained a plafond fracture which required surgery. I got your device today, and after a very few minutes I love it! This device is going to enable me to operate again three weeks sooner that would have been the case without it.

“Thank you to the inventor. I love engineering excellence and this product exudes excellence. I want other surgeons to know about it!”

Dr. William “Clark” Jernigan, MD  Orthopedic Surgeon

“iWALK Crutch is a great device!”

“I’m an orthopedic trauma surgeon from Gainsville, Georgia – The iWALK is a great device. I’ve actually had a patient go out and find It on his own. He loves it and threw away his knee scooter – wished that he had had iWALK from the outset. I’m trying to get it to the point where more and more of our patients have access to it.“

Fernando Serna, MD
Northeast Georgia Medical Center
Gainsville, GA
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Five Star Review: “Awesome!”

“I broke my right 5th metatarsal and calcaneus. Needed to use crutches for 6 weeks. I have a very busy lifestyle as a MD. Crutches and a knee scooter were just just not going to allow me to do my job with office work and surgery. I discovered the iWALK Crutch after a internet search for something without crutches and was very skeptical at first. I ordered it. Came in 2 days with Prime. Watched the assembly videos and instructional video and they were right. I was walking without crutches for the very first time in minutes. I went to work next day and saw 35 patients in and out of the exam room with ease. I Was operating and performing surgery the next day after that. I couldn’t do this on crutches. I went and saw my Orthopedic doctor he was amazed with the iWALK and will recommend for his patients. This product has truly been a life saver. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it. Highly recommend it over crutches. I would recommend to the company expand your marketing. Not many medical providers ( ortho) are aware of this but thank you iWALK !”

Dr. Lance Murphy, MD

“I highly recommend it!”

“I took the bus today and walked half a mile to the bus stop and to the office from the bus! It’s great to have my hands available to carry stuff! I went to San Diego and did the whole trip with my iWALK Crutch through airports and hotels. Many people stopped me for comment and some even took pictures. I felt like a celebrity!”

Dr. JD Fitz MD  FACP

“Very very light and pretty inexpensive!”

“Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz gives an unsolicited comparison between the iWALK Crutch and the knee scooter, noting the pros and cons of each.”

Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz
Doctor who supports iWALK Hands-Free Crutch

“The iWALK Crutch is truly revolutionary and is a very effective and big step forward in helping patients!”

“The iWALK Crutch literally walked into my office. I treated a patient of mine with conventional crutches, and she returned to my clinic on the iWALK Crutch. I was impressed at first sight, especially with her mobility and stability. I thought, ‘Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?’

“I wanted to prove to myself that it would work for my patients, so I tried it. I found, that when fitted correctly, it was quite comfortable and balance was intuitive. It was surprising how fast I could resume normal activities when using it.

“There’s a psychological benefit, too. Patients have less depression because they don’t feel helpless. iWALK Crutch has made a marked improvement in patients’ lives and has resulted in shorter rehab periods. It’s truly revolutionary!”

Dr. Elmo Agatep MD  Read more
Dr. Javier Vivas standing on an iWALK crutch during surgery - iWALKFree

“I can do my work no matter what the job is”

“I had an ankle fracture and I was able to perform my surgical work without any problem and this way I did not have to stay without doing my surgeries every week. With the iWALK Crutch Hands Free Knee Crutch, life becomes easier and you can integrate to work and social activity before the time indicated by your doctor without any risk”.

Dr. Javier Vivas
Headshot photo of Dr. Gretchen Lorenz - iWALKFree

“This is a product that I will definitely be recommending to my patients!”

“My husband suffered a lower leg injury and was facing a long non-weight bearing recovery using crutches and knee scooter. Life was miserable; we were all in a really bad place. I wanted to cry every day. Then we found the iWALK Crutch, and everything changed!

A lot of medical conditions lead to depression. I see this in my practice all the time, and we were gearing up for this, but then he put on his iWALK Crutch and he was back to his old self, contributing to the family and back to work. He’s able to do pretty much everything on the iWALK Crutch. He went from looking like he was going to be in prison in a wheelchair or crutches, and then with the iWALK Crutch he was back to his old self again, happy and content. It was amazing! ”

Dr. Gretchen Lorenz, MD Read more
Dr. Duane Pinto wearing an iWALK crutch during surgery - iWALKFree

“I am a practicing interventional cardiologist who got back to work with the help of iWALK Crutch”

“I am a Harvard MD who got back to work with the help of iWALK Crutch. I couldn’t take several months off due to an ankle fracture and needing to be non-weight bearing. I need my hands free in the operating room, and with the iWALK Crutch I was able to return to work after just a few days! I would definitely recommend the iWALK Crutch to people who are on crutches with a lower leg injury.”

Dr. Duane Pinto MD MPH- Cardiologist , M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Associate Director, Interventional Cardiology Section
Director, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Read more
Dr. Andres M. Perez wearing an iWALK crutch during surgery - iWALKFree

“The iWALK Crutch is a great device that game me back my functionality!”

“As a foot and ankle surgeon I knew what I would be up against after I got injured; it would be hard to get back to seeing patients with crutches. Even worse, performing surgeries would be impossible if I didn’t have my hands free.

My two options after my surgery were crutches or the knee scooter. Neither work for my regular activities and surgeries. Then I remembered that I saw the iWALK Crutch at one of my seminars, so I did some research and immediately called the company to order one.

When I tried the iWALK Crutch, I was a little scared at first but was quickly surprised and impressed at how quick and easy it was to learn. I was back to work and effective at my practice just 3 days after my injury!

The iWALK Crutch is a great device that gave me back my functionality even in a scenario that requires I be sterile, steady, and confident moving around the operating room. iWALK Crutch is incredible!”

Dr. Andres M. Perez DPM  Read more
Erich Courtad wearing an iWALK crutch on a soccer field - iWALKFree

“I will never be able to describe in words how much the iWALK Crutch has done for me and my family.”

“I ruptured my Achilles and all of my activities halted, but the iWALK Crutch changed everything. I was so happy to be able to walk and help with my family — cook, clean up, get my kids ready for bed, coach soccer, and work out 3 times a week. The iWALK Crutch won’t change your life, it lets you keep the one you always had!”

Erich Courtad, Piqua Family Practice Manager Read more
Dr. Borys G wearing an iWALK while working - iWALKFree

“iWALK Crutch helped me get back to work in the OR and take care of my patients”

“The iWALK Crutch is a phenomenal product. I will definitely recommend the iWALK Crutch to my patients, especially those in needing to use their hands. There really isn’t a crutch alternative other than the iWALK Crutch that can provide you with hands-free mobility.”

Dr. Borys G, New York Presbyterian Hospital Read more
Jeff wearing an iWALK while performing physical therapy on a patient - iWALKFree

“The iWALK Crutch is AMAZING!”

“With the help of the iWALK Crutch, I have been able to do cardio exercise despite having a fractured foot. Thank you for the iWALK Crutch! I’ve been able to enjoy my life, even with a foot fracture!”

Jeff, Physical Therapist Read more
Doctor using the iWALK hands-free crutch alongside medical staff iWALKFree

“It’s a Godsend!”

“Dr. Erik Brink, LCDR US Navy is an orthopedic surgeon based in Naples Italy. He used the iWALK Crutch to get back in the operating room. “I will definitely recommend it to my trauma patients and encourage orthopedics to keep stock of the iWALK Crutch in their department”.

Dr. Eric Brink  General Surgeon Mason City Clinic, Mercy One North
Former US Navy Orthopedic Surgeon Read more

“For my son, who has a tibia fracture”

Augustus “Gus” Mazzocca, MD speaks about using the iWALK Crutch for his son while attending the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine conference. His son was at camp and broke his tibia.

His camp experience will be saved by the iWALK Crutch.

Dr. Agustus Mazzocca MD – Chairman – Department of Orthopedic Surgery – University of Connecticut Health Center

“I’m going to use it for myself, and I’m excited to use it for my patients”

I‘m going use it for myself because of my stress fracture in my heel but I’m excited the opportunity to use it for my patients, especially my non-compliant athletes who have foot and ankle stress fractures and post-ankle surgery. I really think it’s going to cut down on the morbidity of crutch use or walker use. It’s truly hard for patients to be compliant when they have to carry around a device that’s so restrictive that they can’t use their hands or take care of their kids or hold their bags or purse or such.

Dr. John Jasko MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, AAOS, AOFAS, AOSMS

“I was frustrated by my lack of mobility using either crutches or a knee roller”

“After tearing my Right Achilles and having it repaired surgically, I was frustrated by my lack of mobility using either crutches or a knee roller. Using the I Walk allowed me to navigate both home and office looking at the world standing up, with my hands free for patient care, household chores, etc. “

Dr. Robert Stanton MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
Past president – American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine

“In my career as an inpatient rehab PT, I have had little success with crutches”

“Being able to safely adhere to non-weight bearing after fractures or new amputation is tremendously important but also difficult. In my opinion and experience the iWALK Crutch can advance healing and promote safe independence, the holy grail of rehabilitation.”

Read Eric’s full review of the iWALK.

Eric J Nelson. Physical Therapist. 

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