Complete package to boost your iWALK2.0 sales

Congratulations on becoming a part of the iWALKFree dealer network.  These pages provide you with all the information and materials you need to increase your in-store or online iWALK2.0 sales.

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, feel free to contact us:

Hotline: 562-653-4222

Product Details:

Basic product information. Manufacturer’s SKU/UPS#/MSRP, MAP and Wholesale price/HCPC Code/MOQ/Case Pack/ Packaging/Dimensions.


Shipping Policy/Payment Terms/Warranty/Return Policy/Third Party E-Commerce Policy

Certified Fitting Center Training:

The brick and mortar advantage! / Learn how your store can become a Certified Fitting Center.

Selling Resources:

Tri-Fold Brochures/ In Store Video Library/ Life-Size iWALK Display/ iWALK Display Stand/ Retail Packagin/ iWALKings Newsletter.

Online Ordering:

Ordering iWALK 2.0 has never been this easy. Email, phone, or Online Order form makes it easy to order any time.

Online Sales and Merchandising:

Online Sales and Merchandising Guidelines (including texts, images and videos)/ list of keywords for SEO and AdWords targeting.

Dealer Agreement:

Link to our DEALER AGREEMENT/To ensure your success and the long term stability of iWALKFree we ask that you sign and return the Dealer Agreement before your second order.

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