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Valentine’s Day is upon us again, as it is every February 14th. As always, happy couples will be showering each other with love and affection.

Nothing can ruin your Valentine’s Day more than having an injury (or having an injured partner). Being on crutches is sure to suck the romance out of a fancy dinner date. Have you tried holding hands on crutches? It simply doesn’t work when they’re busy supporting you on crutches or steering a knee scooter? Let’s face it, leg injuries and Valentine’s Day are definitely not a good match for each other!

And what if both partners are injured?  Talk about squashing romance!  Who’s going to open the door, pour the champagne or carry gifts when all four hands are burdened by awkward crutches? Who pampers whom when you’re both injured?

Well just like Cupid, iWALKFree is silently helping romances flourish. We recently heard from two couples who both had lower leg injuries at the same time. Meet Jake and Hailey and Roger and Judy, who proved that a lower leg injury…make that TWO lower leg injuries…can’t stop romance, as long as you’re using the iWALK2.0.   Thanks to iWALK2.0, they could continue their lives in function and comfort, including celebrating this joyous holiday.   So, go ahead and celebrate Valentine’s Day any way you want, whether dining, dancing, even a walk on the beach hand in hand.  iWALKFree really does give you back your life.  Even your love life! We’re pretty sure crutches and knee scooters can’t do that!

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