Dietary Tips To Recover Faster From A Broken Ankle

Now that you are asked to rest for effective healing of a broken ankle, you must be wondering about what to consume during this period.

The diet impacts your recovery process more than you can imagine. We have compiled some tips on what should be consumed, and what can be avoided during this crucial period.

Take support of supplements

Supplements having calcium, zinc, magnesium and Vitamin D play a key role in maintaining the bone health, especially in the case of broken ankle.

Show your love for lean meat

Lean meats carry an enormous amount of protein, which can propel the growth of muscles. And muscles will provide the support to the broken ankle. Therefore, gorge on the lean meat and boost up the recovery process.

Avoid alcohol

You read it right! Alcoholic beverages interfere with the healing process. It, therefore, becomes mandatory to get rid of them to avoid any delays in the recovery process.

Do not forget fruits and leafy vegetables

It goes without saying that fruits and green leafy vegetables are necessary for perfect health. But their importance magnifies during the phase of recovery from the broken ankle. Fruits rich in Vitamin C, which include all the citrus ones, can enhance synthesis of collagen (an essential part of bones). You can also trust spinach, which will give you fair share of Zinc.

Cut salt and sugar intake

Both salt and sugar are responsible for weakening of your bones. Therefore, think twice before having a sweetened beverage or a cola.

Make sure to adopt these tips to get back to your active life in no time. Just like these healthy foods, iWalk2.0 is also your trusted partner that makes sure recovery phase is effective and hassle free.