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Wedding Day Disasters Averted!

For most brides, planning a wedding is a mix of excitement, joy, and anticipation. Unfortunately, no amount of planning can prepare a bride for wedding day disasters like a non-weight bearing lower leg injury.

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Parenting on Crutches? Total Chaos!

Being a parent is hard work! Running after kids, cleaning up their messes, doing their laundry, shuffling them to and from the park or practices, and fixing their meals is downright exhausting. Throw in a broken ankle or torn Achilles tendon while trying to “do it all?” Forget about it! When a mom goes down, so does the entire household! Kids don’t take care of themselves! Multitasking mammas will tell you that laundry, preparing meals, and carpooling kids around is nearly impossible on crutches!

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Choosing the Right Mobility Device for Lower Leg Injuries- Crutches, Knee Scooters, and IWALK2.0

When choosing the right mobility device, we know there are many factors to consider in order to find the best fit for your lifestyle and your specific lower leg injury.

Some of the most common injuries include; sprained ankles, foot fractures, and Achilles tendon ruptures, but there are many other lower leg injuries that can result in a non-weight bearing recommendation. In this article, we’ll first elaborate on what non-weight bearing means, and then present three mobility device options for below-the-knee injuries: Underarm crutches, knee scooters, and the iWALK2.0.

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