Wedding Day Disasters Averted!

Injured Brides Are IWALKing Down the Aisle!

For most brides, planning a wedding is a mix of excitement, joy, and anticipation that only builds as their magical day approaches. Unfortunately, no amount of planning can prepare a bride for wedding day disasters like a non-weight bearing lower leg injury. Suddenly, the dress fittings, seating arrangements, and last minute details take a back seat to simply trying to get from point A to point B while dealing with painful crutches or awkward and clunky wheelchairs and knee scooters.

Luckily, iWALK crutch can help injured brides get back on their feet and fulfill their dreams of walking down the aisle and dancing the night away in style.

Over the years, we have been lucky to meet a few brides who have shared their stories with us. Whether her injury was a broken footbroken ankle, or even preparing for a lower leg amputation, every bride expressed the same gratitude for the mobility device that allowed her the freedom to enjoy her special day. We will introduce you to three of these brides; first to Katherine who was struck by a falling boulder, then to Teri who had to get 17 stiches after a freak accident, and finally to Rebekah who was a marathon runner at the tragic Boston Marathon Bombing. All of these brides were able to take their first steps down the aisle thanks to the iWALK crutch.

Katherine: Thanks To The iWALK crutch, I Was Able to Dance My First Dance!

Katherine was enjoying a day fossil hunting outside of Nashville when a boulder came crashing down from a 60-foot cliff and landed on her foot. Due the impact and size of the boulder she was rushed to the hospital where she learned that two bones in her foot were broken and that she needed emergency surgery immediately. When Katherine woke up after surgery she was told that she was facing at minimum, a three-month recovery time. To add to her shock, her doctor told her that during her recovery, she would be required to be completely non-weight bearing.

This would have been bad news for anyone but for Katherine, who’s wedding date was less than a month away, this was unacceptable. Crutches simply did not fit into Katherine’s wedding plans and she feared that she was going to miss out on one of the most important days of her life. While she was still in the hospital, she enlisted her family and friends to help her find a solution that would allow her to walk down the aisle and have her first dance unencumbered. Luckily for Katherine, a friend came across the iWALK crutch. When Katherine’s co-workers heard about it, they all chipped in to purchase an iWALK crutch and had it delivered to the anxious bride.

When her iWALK crutch arrived, Katherine immediately tried it on and was amazed to find that it truly was both hands free and pain free. Just a few moments after taking her first steps with the iWALK crutch, Katherine and her fiancé were able to ballroom dance. They cried tears of joy when they realized that their dream wedding was back on track. Unbeknownst to their family and friends, Katherine and her fiancé had been taking dance lessons to create a one of a kind first dance. With the help of the iWALK crutch they would be able to continue their lessons and surprise everyone on the dance floor, completing their special day in style.

Teri: A Freak Accident Just One Week Before Her Wedding

All of the last minute details had been taken care of and her wedding day was just a week and a half away. After so much planning, Teri could finally relax and enjoy the building excitement as her perfect day drew near. Unfortunately, a freak accident changed her plans. At the hospital after her mishap, Teri found out that in addition to seventeen stitches, she would be unable to be weight bearing on her right foot or ankle while her lower leg injury healed.

Teri didn’t cry from the pain of her injured foot, but she did cry at the thought of limping down the aisle on her wedding day with crutches. Clunky, ugly crutches did not go with her purple and white color scheme. Determined not to let this set back ruin her wedding, Teri set off to find a solution to her dilemma. That’s when she found the iWALK crutch.

Teri ordered her iWALK crutch immediately. She got comfortable quickly on her iWALK crutch and had just enough time to practice dancing with her fiancé before their big day. Teri was thrilled to regain her ability to walk down the aisle unassisted, but it was being able to enjoy their first dance as husband and wife that brought her the most joy.

Rebekah: A Dream Wedding After A National Tragedy

Rebekah and her fiancé were waiting at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013 when the twin blasts killed three and maimed hundreds more. They were both injured in the explosion, Rebekah’s most serious injury was to her lower leg, foot and ankle, which made walking virtually impossible. Though they had been injured, they felt blessed to survive the tragedy. This lead to their engagement, and soon they were planning a picture perfect wedding. Amid the wedding planning, dress shopping, and myriad of other details, Rebekah had to undergo reconstructive surgeries on her injured right leg. Ultimately in November of 2014, after 17 surgeries, Rebekah would make the decision to have a below knee amputation. But as the couple planned for their April 4th, 2014 wedding, they first had to find a way for Rebekah to walk down the aisle.

Up until that point, Rebekah had been relying on crutches and wheelchairs to get around, even showing up with unsightly crutches for her taping of Say Yes To The Dress. She quickly realized that neither crutches nor a wheelchair would go with the fairy-tale themed wedding that she was awarded by the number one wedding planning destination, The Knot. Thankfully, the couple discovered the iWALK crutch, which fit perfectly under her Sophia Moncelli gown.

iWALKing Down the Aisle

Although iWALKing down the aisle may not be what a bride-to-be originally envisioned for her perfect wedding, for an injured bride, iWALK crutch can be a dream come true. Let’s face it, crutches are awful ANY day, but having to use them to walk down the aisle in front of all of your family and friends with any amount of grace on your wedding day is simply impossible. Thankfully, with iWALK crutch, brides with a lower leg injury can still enjoy a perfect storybook wedding.