Olympic Gold Medalist Deanne Rose: “iWALK3.0 helped me during my road to recovery”

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Olympic Gold medalist Deanne Rose is a talented Canadian professional soccer player known for her remarkable achievements both at the club and international levels. She currently serves as a forward for the FA Women’s Super League club Reading and represents the Canada national team. Since her debut in 2015, she has been an integral part of the team, representing Canada in numerous tournaments and competitions. Notably, Deanne played a vital role in Canada’s journey to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where they achieved the ultimate glory by securing the gold medal.

Deanne Rose Olympic Gold - iWALK hands-free crutch
Deanne Rose Olympic Soccer - iWALK hands-free crutch

In September 2022, Deanne suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon while playing in the first game of the season for Reading FC. She took to Instagram to share the devastating update with her fans “I really don’t have many words to describe the disappointment that I’m feeling. However, I have the determination, faith, and mindset to come back stronger both mentally and physically.”

Deanne Rose wearing the iWALK hands-free crutch

The injury left her unsure of what the coming months on the sidelines would entail, as she was unable to put any weight on her foot. It was during this challenging time that Deanne discovered the iWALK hands-free crutch.

Deanne expressed her deep gratitude to iWALK for the immense support, in her own words, “I can’t thank them enough for how much their product helped me move around. Being able to get around hands-free during that period was incredible for me. The IWALK not only helped me physically get moving but mentally as well because I was able to have the independence and freedom to do what I wanted.”

The iWALK not only helped Deanne physically, allowing her to remain mobile, but it also had a positive impact on her mental well-being. It granted her a sense of independence and freedom, enabling her to pursue her desires during this trying phase.

Deanne was not the first Canadian Olympian to use the iWALK.  Fellow soccer gold medalist Diana Matheson used the iWALK to recover from bone damage to her foot.  Diana’s experience was similar to Deanne’s – “It was a lifesaver.  I could cook, do laundry, clean up work out at the gym and maintain my fitness for getting back on the pitch.”

Deanne Rose Soccer, iWALK hands-free crutch, iWALKFree

Despite facing challenges along the way, Deanne Rose’s determination and resilience were unwavering. Her commitment to the sport and her continuous pursuit of excellence make her an inspiring figure in the world of soccer. As she continues to make her mark on the field, fans and teammates alike eagerly anticipate her future achievements.

Deanne Rose joins an esteemed group of athletes who have utilized the iWALK hands-free crutch during their recovery. Among them are several accomplished Olympic and world champion athletes who have benefited from this innovative product.

Deanne Rose finds herself in good company with other Olympic champions including Ronald Forbes, a notable Olympic hurdler, and Rosie MacLennan, a highly decorated Olympic trampolinist, are among the elite athletes who have embraced the iWALK during their rehabilitation journeys.

The iWALK has also been instrumental in aiding the recovery of world champion athletes as well, including Surfer Kelly Slater, mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley, ice hockey player Nick Bonino, and professional wrestler Xavier Woods have all utilized the iWALK to support their healing processes and regain their mobility.

These athletes’ choice to incorporate the iWALK into their recoveries underscores its effectiveness and highlights the device’s ability to cater to the needs of high-performance individuals like Deanne Rose. By joining this elite group of athletes who have successfully utilized the iWALK, Deanne showcases her resilience and determination to overcome adversity and return to peak performance.

Deanne’s experience with the iWALK hands-free crutch is a reminder that there are always solutions to the challenges we face. With the right support, anything is possible, and Deanne is a shining example of that.