Crutch Substitute Proves Anything Is Possible

Rip Bucks was planning a ski vacation with his family when he developed septicaemia, an infection caused by bacteria entering the bloodstream. Doctors saved his leg but told him he would have to use crutches for a least a year. 

Just a few months later Rip was on the ski slopes having the time of his life. He is just one of thousands who got their freedom back thanks to a revolutionary new hands-free crutch alternative. Rip’s story shows how, with a little bit of perseverance and a lot of determination, anything is possible.

Dream vacation – no crutches needed

Many people assume that they won’t be able to go on vacation after an injury but that’s not always the case. When Rip was first told that he would need to spend more than a year on crutches, his heart sank. The first few months confirmed his worst fears when he had to rely on others, particularly his wife, for just about everything – even carrying a cup of tea.

Rip says: “We had arranged to go on a skiing holiday, something we had really been looking forward to but at this point it was clear that my wife and daughter had no choice but to go without me. As soon as I got the hands-free crutch, everything changed.” 

Not only was Rip able to go on vacation with his family, he even managed to get some time on the slopes. He says: “Crutches took my freedom but this amazing device gave it back. My day to day life was transformed and my wife, daughter and I had a most wonderful holiday together which I, for one, will not easily forget.”

Rip is just one example of what is possible with determination and perseverance. Other inspiring stories include surgeons operating, athletes training for the Olympics, brides getting married and people playing sport like tennis, golf, boxing and rock climbing thanks to their iWALK crutch hands-free crutch.

And, just as important, people around the world have simply been able to live their life again – pick up and hug their kids, go to work, walk the dog, push their baby in a stroller, workout at the gym  – all things that they couldn’t do with traditional crutches.

Why you should never give up

“It’s a lifesaver” and “it’s given me my freedom back” are some of the most common feedback iWALK crutch users give, even those who weren’t convinced at first.

Brad Hunter, President of iWALKFree, Inc, says: “With crutches you’re disabled but with an iWALK you’re enabled – and that means that anything is possible. The only limitation is you. And while we are compelled to warn against doing inherently dangerous things such as skiing, we salute the can-do attitude of people who simply will not give up.” 

When you’ve got a lower leg injury and have been told by your doctor that you’ve got no choice but to use crutches for weeks, months or, in some cases, years, it’s easy to resign yourself to your fate and give up. But as iWALK crutch users are constantly showing, there is another way. 

Said Hunter: “While many people are confident on the device within half an hour, other people can struggle to adapt to it at first, but they all tell us the same thing – they’re so glad they didn’t give up. With some perseverance, it really will change your life.” 

Please note: We love hearing stories of people who have had adventures with their iWALK crutch so please keep them coming! But for safety reasons we don’t recommend modifications of the device. Please always seek specialist advice and contact us if you have questions – we’re happy to help.