Serving underprivileged communities in Latin America since 1991

VIDA provides underprivileged Latin American communities with medicines, medical supplies and equipment donated to them by area hospitals, clinics and individuals. Through such donations VIDA provided care for over 4 million people in under-served communities throughout 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

In partnership with other US-based humanitarian non-profits, to date they have shipped over 325 ocean containers of medical relief worth over $210 million. In 2010, VIDA shipped 32 containers. Through a network of doctors, nurses, and medical facilities, VIDA is able to distribute medicine and medical supplies to the most remote areas in a short period of time.

Thousands of tons of medical supplies and equipment go to waste every year in the U.S. In cooperation with over two hundred medical facilities and personal donations, VIDA diverts tons of unused medical supplies from landfills to save lives in Latin America.

Medical Professionals from the US, France, and Canada travel to Latin America to treat patients as well as provide practical instruction in: respiratory therapy, reconstructive surgery, dermatology, anesthesia, and more.

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Donation Instructions

Making a donation to Globus Relief is quick and easy! Simply fill out the Product Donation Form and include it with your iWALKFree device. It is best to try to ship your device in the same box that it was sent to you in since it is an exact fit.

Address the box to:

6251 Hollis Street
Emeryville, CA 94608
Attn: Adam See

Who do I contact?

No direct contact is necessary before mailing your donation. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to call the Adam See of VIDA at: 510 655-8432 or by e-mail at:

How do I receive my donation receipt?

Once your donation is received and processed Vida will mail you a Letter of Receipt to be used for tax deduction purposes. It is essential that you complete the Product Donation Form and include it with your donation if you would like to receive a Letter of Receipt. Please note that charities do not provide a valuation of your donation – that is for you to determine. If you have valuation questions, please check with your tax professional.