Physicians for Peace

No one should have to struggle with disabilities due to the lack of access to essential healthcare

Physicians for Peace is an international private voluntary organization that mobilizes healthcare educators to assist developing nations with unmet medical needs and scarce resources. Through effective, hands-on medical education and training, clinical care and donated medical supplies, Physicians for Peace creates long-term, sustainable, replicable, and evidence-based projects to help partner nations build medical capability and capacity to help themselves. Volunteers for the 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization have conducted medical missions in 60 countries.

With its headquarters in Norfolk, Va., Physicians for Peace has programs in 22 countries and offices in Manila, the Philippines and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In 2009, the organization celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

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Donation Instructions

Making a donation is quick and easy! Simply fill out the Product Donation Form and include it with your iWALKFree device. It is best to try to ship your device in the same box that it was sent to you in since it is an exact fit.

Address the box to:

520 West 21st Street, Suite G2103
Norfolk, VA 23510
Attn: Ken Hudson

Call Physicians for Health at 757 943-9625 for questions with your donor form.

Who do I contact?

No direct contact is necessary before mailing your donation. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to call the Ken Hudson in the Donor Relations Department at: 757 625-7569. Physicians for Peace is fully aware of all donations from our customers and are available to answer all questions you may have regarding your donation. They are also in need of other medical supplies, devices or your kind cash donations, so feel free to call them for more information.

How do I receive my donation receipt?

Once your donation is received and processed Physicians for Peace will mail you a Letter of Receipt to be used for tax deduction purposes. It is essential that you complete the Product Donation Form and include it with your donation if you would like to receive a Letter of Receipt. Please note that charities do not provide a valuation of your donation – that is for you to determine. If you have valuation questions, please check with your tax professional.