Adaptive Training Foundation

“Adaptive Training Foundation’s mission is to empower the human athlete, restore hope through movement, and redefine the limist of individuals with disabilities.”

Adaptive Training Foundation is  a gym that provides people with disabilities individually customized performance training. When founder, David Vobora met Travis Mills, a quadruple amputee veteran, he found that there is a void between basic functional rehabilitation provided after injury and disabled athletes already training for events such as the Paralympics. David noticed that despite being a quadruple amputee Travis still had the passion and desire to be strong and fit, but he needed help. David offered his services free of charge and worked with Travis to build training exercises to create sustainable lifestyle changes.

Since meeting and working with Travis, David has created his 501(c)3 charity to help more people like Travis. Adaptive Training Foundation continues to support the ambitious athletes that go to his gym every day to achieve their fitness goals.

Donation Instructions

Making a donation to Adaptive Training Foundation is quick and easy! Simply fill out the Product Donation Form and include it with your iWALKFree device.  It is best to try to ship your device in the same box that it was sent to you in since it is an exact fit.
Address the box to:
Adaptive Training Foundation
7330 Wester Way
Dallas, TX 75248

Who Do I Contact?

No direct contact is necessary before mailing your donation.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to call Adatptive Training Foundation at: 214-432-1070 or by e-mail at:

How Can I Insure That I Get The Donation Receipt?

Once your donation is received and processed Adaptive Training Foundation will mail you a Letter of Receipt to be used for tax deduction purposes.  It is essential that you complete the Product Donation Form and include it with your donation if you would like to receive a Letter of Receipt.   Please note that charities do not provide a valuation of your donation – that is for you to determine.  If you have valuation questions,  please check with your tax professional.